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About Me
 A graduate of the University of Baltimore, with a bachelor of science degree in corporate communications, I am also a Baltimore resident, having lived here most of my life. I have lived in other places, such as Tucson, Arizona, and the Ivory Coast, West Africa. Married, I have two adult children, one of whom has graduated from college. I hold a membership with the Black Writers Guild of Maryland, and was a one-time member of Toastmasters.
With great certainty, I can say that the desire to write, and to create in general, has always been in my blood. When I was a child, I wrote a play and recorded a character's role on my tape recorder. I remember my grandmother hearing my disguised voice, talking about (forgive my using the word) a murder. She had asked me whose voice it was, and when she learned it was I, her own granddaughter, she advised me that it wasn't a good idea. You see, in the olden days, I was a little out of place when I used that word before a teacher and a group of pupils in an elementary class. I obviously released at least one shock wave, because the teacher looked sternly at me and said, "We don't use that word in this classroom." 
Sitting on the bench in front of my black Wurlitzer piano, I played music---a few classical, but elementary pieces, before venturing into the more jazzy and popular ones, such as the late Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There." I remember tapping my fingers on the white and black keys and writing down their notes to a song I had created. I thought knowing how to write music was the thing back then. I didn't necessarily wanted to play piano as a living, but I did have visions of playing the piano effortlessly. One of my visions of grandeur was playing "Fur Elise" and "Moonlight Sonata" in front of a captive audience. But that dream never blossomed as it cost money to take lessons, and life pulled me in so many directions and finally away from piano playing all together.
Well, the good news is a lack of money had never stopped me from writing, and by the time I returned to college, after a hiatus that involved marriage and children, college life felt like home. It especially felt like it when, as part of a homework assignment, I had to stand before my creative writing class and recite my poem, "How To Keep Folks Away." That was the day, I understood the power of humor when they laughed and awarded me the most thunderous applause I had ever received in my life. So, I raise my glass, giving them honor. It was they who helped me solidify the confidence I would need as a writer, and as a writer I was better able to handle my disappointments. My joy and serenity was also expressed through writing.
One such joy for me is not just having the praise of being recognized for what I produce, but also the mere joy of producing creative material in and of itself. In fact, I'd say that along with reading my Bible for spiritual strength and guidance, maintaining a mode of creativity is good for anyone because you get to release mentally what's inside of you in a constructive fashion, as opposed to acting out physically in a destructive one. And I'd say I have amassed a large portfolio of mental release work.
These works are a reflection of my broadening horizon as I have moved on into other areas outside my real expertise. I have produced a few video slide shows, which I am seeking professional collaboration on, and I have numerous songs which I've compiled in my song book, one of which was performed publicly by a well-known Baltimore artist. It's called "Our Time Has Come." To those who were there, it was a hit at an Obamafest hosted in honor of then President-Elect, Barack Obama. Still, other unpublished works include short stories and a hilarious "dictionary" of various types of callers, non-fiction articles, and my collection of "greeting cards" for people and for all occasions, known lovingly as "The DelCreations."
That's it for now. And thanks again. Don't forget to fill out your information on the contact page if you would like to be added on my list of supporters. Even if you cannot purchase a book now, I'd still love to hear from you. For those who are interested in buying now, the link to take you to the online bookstore is: http://www.eaglebooks.com/bookstore/products/21/37/Poetry/Going-with-the-Flow---Lesmotsique.html