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Taking The First Crack

Taking The First Crack
by Lesmotsique
In my first blog post, I presented my poem About Crabs  for you to read and to take a crack at it. … Since I didn't get a response (or maybe I just didn't give you enough time to muster enough courage to take the first hit), I've decided I’ll be the one to go at it first.
Okay. …This poem, as most of the poems I write, is based on personal experience and on what I observe or know to happen when it comes to close dealings with people in general. But when this happens to any of you directly, it can really rattle you to the point where, at least in my case, it becomes a special mission. And that’s to say, you just HAVE TO somehow capture the emotional fervor of what you’re going through. One way to capture it is through the written or spoken word.
Now, once you’ve captured it, there is a great sense of relief. It’s like you’ve placed into a bottle the essence or experiene of a bunch of clawing creatures clutching wildly at your legs, jumping on your back, your sides—trying like gangbusters to keep you down. …You are amazed that these crabs seem so well-orchestrated in their viciousness, so able to form a clamorous chorus to chant, to tease, and to taunt, and to say things like: “If I can’t, you can’t. So come on down, Mister, Missus, Miss or—Mizz Crab!!!”
You’re reflecting. “Humph! They act like ‘I’ did something to them.” … From there, the reporter/storyteller in you takes over. Do you see it? … You’re the target. You’re the one in this picture. YOU'RE the evil dictator. The crabs collide into you. You see flailing arms attacking you. Pecking and pecking down on you. They are the mad rush, the horde that would trample over you, if you were the only piece of meat in a room filled with starving people. Such is the insanity.
What are they thinking? ... They’re thinking: “How dare your commit your injustices upon us! … Revolution! Revolution! ... Coup d'état! Coup d'état! That’s the combined voices of all the crabs, including the small intimate pack who’s had it out for you for a long time. They know—too well—your dreams, your plans for escaping, and they’re as much determined as ever to keep you on the lowest level of crab society.
Now, you are constantly being reminded that every single one of these crabs have limbs that are sharp like razors. You know the hurt from past stings. You know it more intensely. You’re feeling it more frequently. That’s because you have dared yourself to think that you deserve more than what your present situation has in store for you. But this doesn't deter you, as you’re finally scaling your way to the top of the pot, praying for that miracle.
Then suddenly, you do a high jump. You’re like an athlete spring boarding across the bar. And you know the rest of the story. … You succeeded because you hung in there. You knew you were destined for something different, something greater. You did not see yourself as one to keep company with misery, at least not forever. An inner voice would whisper to you, encouraging you to claim your prize, to put your name on it. …
Remember your response to their sneers, snickers, and stabs? They wanted you to stay down there with them, but you said, “No way hosay!” And “No, I don’t think so, because—I got this!” Or was it God directing your moves, giving you the strength or merely revealing to you what was already inside of you? You tell me. All I know is that you took what was yours and jumped with it.
And that mindset, my friend, led me to writing—whether it be creative or nonfiction. With writing, you can take control and create the scenario, the ending you’d like to see or the way it ought to be or the way it actually is. Whatever you decide, the choice is yours, and this can be quite empowering—in a wonderful way. Yes, believe me when I say that writing is a very effective strategy that I know of for overcoming the hurt we as humans feel in our daily life encounters.
My first attempt at creating a poem that would express this whole phenomenon of how crabs are perceived was not to my liking. And it was not out of any real mean-spiritedness that I was stirred to write such a poem. I loathe the situation, but the situation spawned the inspiration. So I believe I sensed the need for some kind of shining light that would call attention to the harm and unwholesomeness that the crab population inflicts upon other human beings.
But anyway … let me just say that the first poem attempt didn't have the right stuff, the right flavor. It was non-rhyme, but there’s nothing wrong with that, because some of my best work is freestyle. That wasn't the question so much for me. I just had to get it to my satisfaction. It just needed some zing. It needed something to make it stand out, and when this poem breathed itself into existence, it was like “That’s it!” I liked it because it was unique, memorable, and catchy. I suppose that was the criteria I had in mind when I realized it was the version I preferred.
Life is teeming with crabs—and again, we know the kind I’m talking about. … I wish that all people would work together and see that it is advantageous for all of us to get along and to move forward and upward—TOGETHER. If only there were more love in the world, would we cease to have envy or jealousy? Would we want for other beings the same good as we would want for ourselves?
As I type this last question, I wonder. Do we really want that? If that is what we want, then why is it so not happening? Is there something inherently within us that makes this an impossible goal to achieve? Are we dealing with human qualities that rear their ugly heads and rage inside of us, telling us that we must berate someone else in order to uplift ourselves, to make us feel more important? What do you think? Speak to me, if you feel so inclined. I promise there’s no biting on this end, not to mention keeping anyone down. That’s not what I’m about—not my intention. I’m pushing for some honest talk to what I believe is a real and serious problem.
Some more ideas might be to approach this crab discussion from the angle of remedies for treating what I will call a disease. Or perhaps you wish to share some words of encouragement when you find yourself trapped like this? You can come at this just about any way you’d like. Let’s hear your perspective. Your comments need not be lengthy. Short and sweet will do. Let’s just get the ball rolling or the crabs cracking in this case.
Well, let me shut up and shout out a peace and blessing to you all! And I hope Easter was for you a happy one!

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Anthony Ervin on Friday, April 19, 2013 11:02 AM
Just stopping by 2 say Hey you and post on your web account its been a mighty long time since we last spoke. Hope it doesn't be that long before I hear from you, cousin.
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Lesmotsique on Saturday, April 20, 2013 9:00 PM
Hey, Anthony! It's good 2 hear from u. 4 some odd reason, this thought came 2 my mind. Tell me if u remember it: A rat in Tom's house may eat Tom's ice cream. What is the significance of this sentence? Do u still remember? U told me this once, and I still remember it.

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