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Good News With A Sunny Face

I extend to you, lovely supporter, a sunny-face greeting
And I extend this greeting hoping that your spirit is already lifted or will be before the day ends or before many days will have passed by. With so many things going on in the world, it’s easy to find yourself down in the dumps. But we've got to ask God to give us the strength and the wisdom to discern what is really happening, why it is happening, and how to respond to it. As for me, I can't say that it's all surprising. Disturbing, yes, but not surprising.
Although my life is not perfect(Whose life is anyway?), I'm actually living by a higher level of faith than I’ve ever lived before. This, however, does not come easy. Like many others, I go through certain battles. Some I win. Others, I lose. But as I go through them, I seek to sustain myself through a belief that God, whose power is greater than mine and that of my enemy, will lead me toward victory. For that to happen, changes in life are made. And that's the way to go to defeat the devil and to celebrate the un-stealing of my joy.
So as I'm going through the battles, wearing my armor, there are other things that are going on, too. I’m seeking and sojourning. I’m falling and trying to lift myself up. I’m sure-footedly striding. I'm plodding through and even hobbling slowly along at times to improve my relationship with God for His will and His wisdom. I'm cognizant that everything I do is part of an ongoing process, but it helps to know that God is a special coach with a forever presence (omnipresence) that is safe and protective. This God is like an invisible coach who cheerleads and He encourages as He walks along next to us.
It helps to know also that through our Advocate and our Savior, Jesus Christ, we now have the redemption that makes for a good relationship with our Heavenly Father as we tread along this pathway filled with all kinds of slings and arrows aimed at knocking us off course. We can now free our minds from faulty notions such as: God will not accept us into His kingdom because, although we know we're not perfect, a certain level of perfection is needed still for establishing any real relationship with God. A guilt-ridden conscience can keep us from coming to Christ when that's just as perfect a time to come to Him. 
Well, I’m not a theologian. But from my understanding, there was only one person, Jesus Christ, who met the criteria of perfection that God demanded in order to restore our relationship with Him. Because of Christ, His being the Perfect Lamb, we can take solace in knowing that God does not seek it from us. He has all knowledge (omniscience), and He knows intimately our inherent nature. He is satisfied that the matter of sin and imperfection has been resolved.
But if there is something we can do, I’d say, it is to live our lives according to the Plan God has set for us and to show our love and thanks to Him. Give Him the honor, the glory, and the many thanks that He deserves for all that He has done for us. 
As I ponder upon life, I find myself wanting to please God more than wanting to please a world system that is senseless without God being in the picture. With that debt of gratitude taking an increasingly greater hold upon my life, I've come to have a fervent desire to want to do things that are pleasing to the One who made it all possible. I want to intentionally show thanks for all that He has done for me.  I want to also thank God for His providing me with such a fabulous ability to stay focused (at least most of the time).
You see, when you're focused, you can have a calmness in the mist of storms you're sure to encounter; and when you learn to humble yourself and know that God is ultimately in control of what happens during these times and others—despite all the plans you thought were so well devised and laid-out—it’s a wonderful thing. I know that some personality types may make this a hard thing to do, but with God’s supernatural ability residing within you (the Holy Spirit), you can do it. It may be harder, but such is the nature of the things in life that are truly worth having.
One of the benefits I see in writing is that it allows me to express on paper (or this blog format) my pains, my joys, and basically, my thoughts in general.There's a comfort in knowing that God is present and working on my behalf since I have opened the doors wider for God to enter and to take charge of my life, I have a sense, if not assurance, of seeing more of my earthly goals/blessings being fulfilled. 
The blessing of writing with a spiritual mindset is one that is being fulfilled presently. This type of writing is one that I have found to be truly cathartic. It's soothing and rewarding, and meaningful as well. But added to this, I have not an ounce of hesitation, nor one iota of reservation, in saying that from a different perspective this whole concept of writing (where ideally, you’re sitting in a room alone, tapping on a keyboard or using the old pen and pad, while guided by a mindset that has you insatiably driven) is something closer to being weird than normal.
How do you explain this thing, this phenomenon, that keeps you bound and determined to create a compelling message or work of art or even, I dare to say, your masterpiece? Writing habitually, or as if your life depends on it, is, indeed, a weird behavior trait (or is it pattern) in many people’s eyes. It’s not the easiest in vogue thing to do. It’s not for most people an exciting thing to do. How can it be? Don’t tell me it’s fun to be alone slugging it out with words to get them to convey precisely your inner thoughts, hoping and praying that others will understand or have the same delirious delight that you have from readings of your work. You must be out of your mind.
But from a writer’s point of view, it may be more like: Hey, hey, hey! Here I am. I’ve got to do something to get the public’s attention. And besides, this is important. Please, try to understand. There are so many people in the world that need help, and I can’t seem to nip my compulsion to be a mouthpiece of truth or present what I consider to be truth, and hopefully that’s God’s truth. Even so, everyone is entitled to his or her contribution. Or something like that.
Now a psychologist might say it’s a longing to be liked or loved. But regardless of what we read or hear, there's always the Bible. It’s there that you can begin to seek an answer to some of life’s most haunting and important questions. I do my own homework with respect to trying to understand God’s Word, and so what I say come from my own limited understanding. It doesn’t mean I’m necessarily right on everything. I hope I’ve gotten, at least, some of it right. I don’t want to be too far off the mark.
All I’m saying is that I am like many of you. Just trying to learn and make sense of the surrounding chaos. For me, I have found the Bible to be the answer to problems. It guides us and helps us as we make our journey here on this earth. I’m just grateful for the best message of hope the world has ever heard. So my prayer for you would be that you will receive the blessing of believing in Him and all that He has in store for those who love Him and appreciate Him. In closing, allow me to share with you some recent news—news that I consider blessings among the others I pray to receive. 
The first one is my being able to help someone in a big way, and at the same time receive their blessing upon me. Without going into the specifics, it is one of those situations that has the imprint of God upon it. And believe me when I say that. The double-blessing turns out to be one of those "I-never-would-have-thought" situations for all parties concerned. 
The second one is that I am now writing for an inspirational blog site, and I'm thrilled about it, because this is something I have been praying and seeking for quite a while now. I don't know whether I have shared with you my desire to write more inspirational pieces, but if I haven’t, you are now in the loop. This website is yet another opportunity for me to extend myself even further. I truly believe it's a perfect fit for me, and it's the path that God has laid out for me. 
The website is called Lovett Publishing House (www.lovettpublishinghouse.com).  I have an article on their site, and next month (in October) they will be having a poetry contest. But for that, you'd have to get on their Facebook page. I hope to submit one of my poems for the contest, and I sure would appreciate your support. If that is your desire, you would have to go to their Facebook page and like the page and like my poem as well. Hopefully, you will find that simple to do. I'm not a pro when it comes to everything about Facebook, so I can understand some uneasiness. Know that there was a period where I had been on it for an extended period of time, and it became such an obsession it drew me away from writing. I had to make myself get off of it. It was fine while it lasted, but it is just as addictive as writing. So, this is just to say that you can learn your way around it, but if you don’t want it to become an obsession, you’ll have to establish some rules to avoid that from happening.
But anyway, here's the link to the Lovett Facebook page. Just click on it from here (www.facebook.com/lovettpublishing). Now, again, please bear in mind that you must  do two things. Like Lovett Publishing and like my poem. That’s the only way for me to get credit. If you truly don't like my poem, for whatever reason, or if it causes a problem for you, I can’t hold that against you. No grudge will be toward you from this end. Now be blessed and enjoy the warmth of God’s loving arms around you.  
Here's a video for you to listen to and to enjoy.
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