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An Important Milestone


Note: This March posting is three-fold. In addition to the reading below, there's a link for stories where you may choose to read the article/story titled, Vacation Memories. Now, you may have not done so already, I realize that. Below the article/story, you will find the music-video chosen for it's catchy and lively spirit on the theme of vacation. It will have you laughing, if not singing. Now, without further ado, let the celebration begin with the reading that follows: 

It seems incredible, but March 17, 2014 represents a milestone. It’s been one year of blogging from this very date last year. My first posting was my poem “About Crabs.”

When I made that posting, I didn't know where it would lead me. I knew only that blogging would give me more experience doing what I like to do on a regular basis; that it would give me name recognition; and that it would expose my work to a wider audience.

Now whether public exposure via the Internet would be good or bad, I didn’t know that either. I just knew that I could not let fear immobilize me, and keep me from taking my writing to the next level. So, here I am. I've taken the plunge, and as a result, I've seen myself grow further as a writer. I've also witnessed a growth in my relationship with Christ, a growth I desire to use along with my writing abilities to bring glory and honor to God's name. Although God does not want that we would have fear, and I would add especially for doing those things in his name, I certainly had mine.

What's interesting about this fear factor for me was that it represented a case of now you see it and now you don't. But working for me was time, persistence, and saturating myself into the Word of God. As I believe I've said in the past, the bible gave me the clarity of vision to see ahead and it beckoned and encourage me to go forward. It had its role in the ultimate push toward the decision to blog. Then everything else followed as it was meant to be. With every posting, I received encouragement, and with every encouragement, I posted. It was a blessing of reciprocity I would say. At least it was surely for me.   

One big blessing for me was loving every second of what I was doing, even during the times I might have felt pressured. That’s because the pressure I was feeling was a positive sign of something good happening. The pressure I felt were actually growing pains. Those growing pains consisted of wondering on what I would blog about, if I could do it, and if I started, would I be able to finish. I did, and my baby, my baby blog was born. It's now a one-year-old.  
Yes, my blog's one year anniversary is being celebrated. See the balloons and the confetti. I'm celebrating one whole year, a nice number to have behind me. But despite my writing passion and that I would be willing to go another year, the reality is that I have got to finish up on some previous writing commitments that I have slacked up on. If I allow my love for this one baby of mine to override my good sense, I will be sacrificing my other babies on the altar of stupidity. So that should give you a sense of how vitally important this is. 

There's no problem for me in doing what needs to be done other than give time to the other child who truthfully doesn't require as much as this one here, but it's time, nevertheless, to turn my attention to it because of the business concerning it is so important. So despite my deep love for my blog; despite all the emotions and love I have for it, I must learn to relinquish my hand and place that loving hand on my neglected child, the one that cries our for attention lest I lose it.

So without cutting off the strings entirely, I'm placing my faith that my Father Whom I trust will take care of all I'm leaving behind until my return. I don't want to nurse any regrets because I failed to take advantage of a situation that was set in stone for me to have. In addition to these writing commitments, I have some personal/family commitments that need my attention.

The best I can do is embrace this most pressing commitment, see it through, and then I can come back to my blogging, if I so choose. But the good news is that I'm leaving behind wonderful memories from this body of work. What's also good news is the thought that I will possibly create more wonderful memories from the new genre upon which I am returning to embrace and upon which I will work just as hard to expand. When I'm done, I will make this work available as well to those who would be interested. 

Now, if possible, I may be able to do a posting here and there; that's to say, whenever I can. I just don't want to say definitely that every month, something will be written. That's all I'm saying. 

Finally, I like to share with you the fact that I now have a twitter account which I thought would be good for making announcements, so maybe I can get a few tweets in. I don't know all the ins and outs of that area of social networking, but I'll do in accordance to my time, abilities, and responsibilities. Also, I'll make it a habit to check my mail and blog for comments as best I can in that area. Again, let me state that the break--which by the way, I'm going to call a vacation--is temporary, at least for now; because I don't know where God will lead me. All I know is that I will follow as best I can.

Thank you all for your support. May God bless you all and your families. Take care until next time. 



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